Friday, April 11, 2008

Machu-Pichu ~ Peru Medical Expedition ~ March 2008

Peru was a great experience of service and appreciation of our blessings and comforts we enjoy.
We travel (Kevin Lynn and I) with a large medical group to Peru, Machu-Picchu. several dentists, nurses, P.A.s, surgeons Dr. Harris from our hospital, a CRNA from our hospital. I believe there were about 25-30 of us.

We travel to different villages, and did some touristic sight seeing on our time off. we serve and treated hundreds of people in each village we visited. we started early morning and came back to our hotel in the later afternoon.

On one of our travel we went by horse to this village, I could hardly walk....2-3 hours by horse climbing mountains and rough rocky crumbly edges.....but the scenery was breath taking and worth it. Unfortunately for Kevin, his horse was quite small for him and he fell and cracked a couple of ribs, which ruined the rest of the trip for him...bummer.
The following day after his fall Lynn and I took the day off to be with Kevin, and tour he city, walked and did the tour trolley thing. we visited the Sacred Valley and Ollantytambo.

We actually stayed in Aguas Calientes, the Urubamba River ran in front of our hotel.

Lynn and I did the insane Putucusi mountain climbing, almost a vertical ascend, 10 + ladders, we were exhausted and out of breath by the time we reached the top. but wow! what a view. From this mountain you can see MachuPicchu and also Huayna Picchu. Going down was just as hard as it was to climb up.

Another famous touristic historic areas we visited is called Sacsayhuanaman fortress, large huge rocks piled up just cement!

Lynn and a group of girls formed a team and played soccer against the peruvian ladies....and lost!!! and this ladies were in regular shoesand skirts!!!

We mingle, and truly enjoy the people. The children are very polite, and shy.

We also did the Sun Gate trail with Kevin and Lynn towards the end of our trip, the top was called the sun gate (Intupunku) as the sun rises the lighting enters just perfectly through the windows to start the day, and you can see the Machu Picchu valley ruins from that point.

We learn about the Incas, and their advanced technology with the terraces and irrigation system along the side of the mountains. also their sun dial calendars, and other culture rituals and buildings.
This is MacuPichu in the back.

We also visited a farm of alpacas and llamas, and saw how the women work the wool, and dye the yarn and then the weaving.