Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Orleans May 2009

People were dying to get into 
the LaFayette Cemetery.
Double Jeopardy" with Ashley Judd, was filmed here...

Paddle boat on the Mississippi River

River walk in New Orleans.
It goes along the Mississippi River, there is also a Mall
with lots of shops.

Street car in New Orleans.
Julia street just waiting to start our 
fun weekend!

Cajun grins on bus tour to Oak Alley Plantation.

Dinner at The Court of the "Two Sisters" restaurant. Great food.

Canal Street
This street divides the French Quarters and the
American side the Garden District. 

Royal Street in the French Quarter.

It was a fun trip May 23 through May 27. We went, we saw, we came home and we will probably won't come back. We learned a lot of history about the French quarters, the Creole culture and way of living, we strolled through the French Market and all the fun shops in the French Quarters area, we learned about Bourbon Street, and advice anyone, strolled through it in the day time unless you are a "party animal" do not go at night.
We went through the Garden district and saw beautiful mansions and gardens, we could also still see the signs of the damage from the flood from"Katrina" even four years later. We saw and strolled along the massive Mississippi River. And of course did a little bit of shopping at the French Market or "flee market". We enjoyed the food and the music, lots of  bands, playing Jazz, and blue grass music, just about every little food place had their own group playing while you ate. We tour one of the largest Plantations of the era, beautiful mansion, and oak trees, and gardens, lush and green. The weather was perfect, warm 80's with some humidity, rain heavily on Monday but was beautiful in spite of the rain and dark clouds. We walked a lot, we needed after some of those dinners.
Thanks to Daren, Kevin's brother we made it to New Orleans, two free airplane tickets, unplanned time off but who could resist and let the opportunity go by...hmm not us no way.