Tuesday, October 27, 2009

August/September 2009 CA trip to the coast to get Mike and Britt

We enjoy so much our time together, we love to travel and savour our time with our children. Memories, is what we'll have when all the material things are gone. In August we made it down to California to help Mike and Britt move to Rexburg to finish their schooling.
we had a marvelous time with them, and enjoyed their company as we travel to places they fell in love with. We visited some of their favorite beaches like; Moro Bay, Pismo Beach, and quaint little towns like Solvang a Nordic town, St. Louis Obispo and the famous stinky gum wall. we also enjoy watching the sea lions sunbathe, they are funny and lazy and make all kind of snorting sounds while they sleep, they plop on top of each other, and watch out not to disturb them from their sleep, they can get a little grouchy.
We also made it again to Hearts Castle, Kevin and I had been through this castle many years ago with my parents Gregorio and Odette.
This a beautiful mansion in the middle of thousands of acres, with all kinds of exotic animals like zebras, mountain goats, horses, cattle, the mansion has different tours, we went to the main house and the pools, the greek outside pool and the inside pool, where we walked on 24 K gold imbedded on the marble tiles. It was amazing!

We also went to el taco grande, a restaurant famous for their hugantic tacos.
After we packed their cars and the van we rented to help move furniture, we headed on our journey to Rexburg Idaho. We meander across northern california through Yosemite Park, oh how beautiful Heavenly Father's creations are, the park itself is magnificent.
On our way to Yosemite we stop for a brake just outside the park on a town called Oakhurst, and thank goodness we did as the SUV Britt was driving, the brakes were going out...or some other mechanical part. But of course we are traveling on a weekend and a holiday weekend, so most every shop is already closed, and of course not open for the holiday. Our trusty Garmin and Mikey's iphone search for all and every shop looking for help, or someone available to fix the car....our prayers were answer, after spending a nite in this small town we found one, who was somewhat reasonably and able to get us ready and safely back on the road again.
Finally after driving all night and getting a quick sleep in Burley, we continue on to Rexburg to help move Mikey and Britt to their new little rental house. Then moving their furniture from the storage place and had them settled...ahhh they could finally say "home sweet home", at least for one more semester and then yay! be done!!!