Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 4th, 7th, 2009 fourth celebration and Kevin's 50th B.D.

Time is flying at warp speed...is it because we are getting older and wiser?? he, he. We started the month of July with the 4th celebrations! what a beautiful day, and how greatful we are for the blessings of freedom and the beauty we enjoy every day.

We spend the later afternoon of the 4th with Liz and Zack and Adam, Lynn was working. We went to the Twin Falls' Canyon rim by the golf course to enjoy the beautiful scenery, then walk across the golf course and saw dear grazing by the bushes.

Then that night we found the perfect spot to see the fireworks.
On the 6th we gave Kevin his surprise 50th Birthday Party, wow! he is on top of the world and has conquer it! His birthday is actually on the 7th, but not everyone could make it. Liz and Zack and Lynn were here to celebrate.
Mike gave his old man a call as well to wish him a fabulous BD.
His siblings and parents all called him to wish him a fantastic BD and send him a cup of flowers, with birthday balloon and of course a plate of sugar cookies.
Zack and Liz did the decorations inside and outside of the house. I of course planned the meal, made some yummy potato salad, had Kevin's favorite...hamburgers on the grill, with all the trimmings. Also, on the grill roasted red, green and yellow bell peppers, on the table we had potato chips, spinach salad and watermelon.

And later some friends (Pam & Casey Anderson) came over for ice cream cake and a birthday song.
Nice evening, good friends and great children. Kevin had an enjoyable evening for his 50th...half a century old.....ohhh that sounds very old ...