Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas '08 and New years'09

New Years 2009 at Apple Bees
Christmas 2008 the whole family

Wow, mike set us up with our blogspot six months ago, and we haven't had the time to play with it or update it. So here we are giving it our all.
So lets see, We had a marvelous Christmas with all of our children and our two great additions Britt (Mike) and Zach (Lizzie). We were the happiest seeing all our children together and having a fun time. New Years came and went, we went out for dinner to celebrate the New Year with Liz, & Zack, Lynn and Tom.
Liz and Zack moved back from Minneapolis Minnesota at the beginning of December, they are renting the house from Adam, Lynn's boyfriend, quite a nice arrangement, we hope it will work for all. So we are happy our girls are together in Twin Falls, both plan to attend CSI in the Spring.
Kevin & I have been working a lot, putting in long hours. Kevin's business has kept him quite busy, and my work has been quite stressful...lots of changes and difficult situations. Although, I must say it has been a learning experience with a lot of lessons learned. Our growth and experience comes from our challenges and what we do with them.

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